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We offer CAD services, BIM Modeling, Engineering Design services as per business needs

"High Quality & affordable CAD services for Architecture, Mechanical, Structure engineering companies"

TDE’s architectural drafting services helps clients to easily convert the sketches, images, rough drafts to detailed design drawings, Approval sets, construction drawings and Permit Sets. Our accurately drawn drawings and construction documents helps the on-Site Architects and builders a hassle-free construction process. TDE’s cost effective and reliable Architectural Drafting services are one stop solution for Architects, Engineers and Construction companies. We help you throughout the construction process starting from design to finish. We are assisting clients in USA, UK, Australia, Canada and Europe.

With a team of highly skilled Draftees, Experienced Architects, creative Visualization experts we can provide quality drafting services no matter how complex the project is and how short the deadline is.  We can always employ additional manpower to meet our commitments and deadlines. Each of our team members are well versed with specific area codes and building standards.

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Our trencher CAD services is as follows

  1. CAD Drawing and Drafting – Starting from a sketch to a detailed CAD drawing our team of drafting experts have got your back. You can send us your Hand Sketched ideas and our CAD team will turn that into a detailed dimensioned drawing for an Architect to understand. Get in touch with us today to get fast CAD Drawing and Drafting Services.


  1. CAD conversion Service – CAD conversion Service in TDE is the process of converting a rough hand drawn sketch, Pdf, plan to a computer aided drawing in software’s like AutoCAD etc. CAD conversion services are considered to be the most common ones and are mainly used for the archival drawings. Before invention of AutoCAD Architects used to draw all of their designs by hand on paper and now everyone is getting their designs digitized.


  1. CAD As-Built Drawings – CAD As-Built Drawing Services in TDE are mainly preparing the drawing during construction. Its always not necessary that what the design is drawing by architect will be used as it is during construction. There happen many times that there comes some design discrepancies and clashes with the design prepared and needs to be resolved during the time of construction. Those amended designs are known as As-Built Drawings.



  1. CAD Electrical Drawings – TDE’s CAD Electrical Drawings are the best in industry and can help workers while installation. We provide efficient and detailed CAD Electrical drawings for engineering needs. These drawings are mostly used by electrical engineers. TDE’s electrical drawings are almost clash free and neatly drawn.


  1. CAD MEP Drafting Services – Starting from HVAC to Plumbing services we have covered your back when it comes to providing fast MEP Drafting Services. Our expert team of MEP Drafters and detailers helps you cover Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing aspects of your projects.


  1. Landscape Drawings – Every building or house at certain extent needs a landscape designer or drafter to create beautiful and scenic landscape drawings which are as per the area codes and geographic flora and fauna requirement. TDE’s cost-effective and fast Landscape drawing drafting services has helped landscape Architects with all the design/drafting and helped them focus on the client communications.

Project types we expertise in:

  • Commercial & Office Buildings – shopping malls, Offices, Hotel, Restaurants, banks etc
  • Residential Buildings – Single & Multi-Storey Houses, Mid-Rise to High-Rise residential buildings, Duplex, apartments and Townships.
  • Hospitals & Healthcare – Aged Care centres & assisted Living facilities
  • Infrastructure facilities – Transportation terminals & Stations & Parking
  • Education – Schools, Colleges & University drawings
  • Industrial Buildings – Factories, Manufacturing plants

Benefits of CAD Drafting Services:

  • Increases productivity
  • Saves time compared to hand drawing
  • Reduced errors
  • Increased efficiency and Accuracy compared to hand drawings
  • Enhanced Quality
  • Better presentation
  • Ease of sharing the files and documents
  • Ability to craft more precise designs & manipulate them virtually

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CAD Services

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