CAD Drawing and Drafting

A general term to describe buildings and other physical structures.The art and science of designing buildings.

CAD Drawing and Drafting

TDE’s is a leading CAD drafting service provider in India, USA, Uk and Canada. Our CAD Drawing and Drafting services team is primarily known for on-time submissions and accuracy. Our team of Drafting experts are continuously working on creating detailed CAD Drawings for our clients in USA, UK, Australia, Canada, NZ. The CAD Drawings at initial level generally has Floor plans, Sections, Elevations and sometime roof plan as well. At this stage the drawing set is also known as concept drawing.

Our CAD Drawing Services include:
  • Floor plans and Roof plans drawings
  • Section and Elevation Drafting
  • Interior Design Drawing
  • Component Drawings
  • MEP Drawings Drafting
  • Reflected Celling plans
  • Furniture Drawings
  • Drafting from Red-Lines / Mark-ups
  • Building element & Details
  • Architectural CAD Drawing/Drafting
  • Structural CAD Drawing/Drafting
  • Mechanical CAD Drawing/Drafting
  • Electrical CAD Drawing/Drafting
Generally, what’s the cost for a CAD Drawing Service?

We are well known for our cost-effective and fast CAD Drafting services or CAD Drawing services. Generally, the approximate cost for getting a CAD drawing done depends on the size of the project, Complexity and level of detailing needed but in general we can say that in TDE it will cost you somewhere around USD 20/hr to USD 25/hr.

Why Outsource CAD Drawings to us?

Our team of Architectural drafting experts are experts in creating detail-oriented CAD Drawings. We provide additional man power resources in case of shorter timeline projects. We are cost-effective Cad service provider. Our team of experts have a good knowledge and understanding of USA, UK, Canada Building codes and standards.

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