Walk through Services

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Walk through Services


At TDE we have world class 3D rendering experts creating lifelike Architectural Walkthroughs on an ongoing basis for more than 12+ years to our clients in USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Middle East and NZ. We have 270+ man Years of experience when it comes to creating a when it comes to creating Walkthrough. We have skilled 3D modelers, Rendering and visualization experts in our team. A key area of architectural visualization is the walkthrough tour, which exhibits both the properties of animation and virtual tours.

What is an Architectural Walkthrough?

A Walkthrough is a 3D representation of two-dimensional drawings in form of 3D video. Walkthroughs are considered to be very effective for social media marketing campaigns. Mainly they are used by Real-Estate people and builders to sell their housing scheme and property online. The format for Walkthrough is AVI format. It’s the crucial resource for non-technical people as it makes them visualize the Architectural detailed drawings in layman’s perspective

There are two types of Walkthroughs:
  1. Interior Walkthrough – When the walkthrough or video animation is created for inside of the house/building then it is called as Interior Walkthrough. Interior Walkthrough mainly covers bedroom, Hallway, Living Room, Balcony, Kitchen, Bathroom, closets. It mainly describes the Interior finishes, material furniture placement etc to the customer.


  1. Exterior Walkthrough – When the Walkthrough is created for Exterior area of the house/building then its known as Exterior Walkthrough. Exterior Walkthrough includes landscapes, exterior fireplace, swimming pools etc. In most cases an Exterior Walkthrough is also known as Flythrough. We have best and cost-effective Architectural Walkthrough experts inhouse who can help you visualize or sell your home faster. Get in touch with TDE for high quality Architectural Walkthrough services in USA, UK, Canada and Middle East.
Who can benefit from 3D Architectural Walkthrough?

Mostly Architectural Walkthrough is used by Architects, Builders, Real Estate Developers and Interior Designers.

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