Structural BIM Services

Our Structural Services Enable you to Create Strong Foundation for Your Built Structure

Structural BIM Services

Structural BIM services delivers the comprehensive Structural BIM Model showcasing the structural components of the building construction project such as beams, columns, slabs, bolts, etc. Structural BIM model accounts for the base of any building structure and therefore it should be modeled correctly. We at the drafting experts hold a team of structural engineers and structural modelers to give you the accurate 3D structural model so that the foundation of your structure is intact and the integrity of your building is never compromised.  Our team ensures to provide you the BIM structural modelling services so that you get the idea of all structural components, their actual dimensions and placements and we do guarantee that all the disciplines in model are well-coordinated and no clashes are encountered while bridging the gap between design and fabrication phase.

Our Structural Services
  1. Revit Family Creation: We do hold expertise in creating structural Revit families to locate and place different structural components in the 3D model.
  2. 3D Revit Structural Modelling and Design: We provide you with the accurate Structural BIM Model to resolve all your construction design challenges well in advance for any type of projects. You can get the clear picture of building geometry, properties, materials and resources with our structural 3D model.
  3. Structural Shop Drawings: We provide comprehensive set of drawings for beams, columns, slabs and other steel components involved in the project structure to get the digital representation that will be guiding through the project lifecycle for fabrication and placement for structural elements.
  4. Construction Documentation: We provide you a complete set of documents including the structural notes from the model, its elements details, abbreviations, structural symbols, column layouts, framing details, etc.
  5. Structural Quantity Take-off and Estimations: With our models, you can get the actual idea of costings for bidding as well as actual construction and apt quantity to order and plan the materials and resources.
Our in-house innovation engine

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Construction Documents

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  • project management
  • feasibility studies
  • site selection
  • building condition audits
  • programming
  • interior design
  • renderings and promotional materials
  • full time site representation
  • multiple contract preparation

Avail Our Structural Services for Accurate Construction Foundation