Scan to BIM services

We provide Accurate Scan to BIM Conversions in Required Formats

Scan to BIM services

Using our technical expertise and enhanced software skillset we can easily convert point cloud and laser scan data to highly efficient 3D BIM models. Whether its reconstruction, renovation or refurbishment, we can make any Scan to BIM LOD Model (LOD 100 to LOD 500) with our expertise. Get in touch with us for reliable and affordable point cloud to BIM services I Scan to BIM services. You can make your project submissions faster and reliable by opting our cost-effective Scan to BIM services

The process of Scanning is generally described as:
Process the data
Quality control

Laser devices like Kubit, Leica or Faro scanners are used to scan the existing building structure and that data is then stored in form of thousands of points and that’s the reason it called a point cloud data. This point cloud data is then used for BIM modelling. The model generated from point cloud data is not always 100% accurate but it’s the best way to prepare the As-Built model of an existing structure where its not feasible/possible to manually measure the building/structure and prepare the technical drawings.

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Uses of Scan to BIM methodology:
  • Design Validation
  • Planning comparison
  • Documentation of Existing building condition
  • To develop As-Built drawing/Model
  • Site verification
Top 7 Advantages of using BIM over CAD
  • Clash detection in project
  • Increased project efficiency
  • Take-offs and estimate
  • Positive returns in ROI
  • Collaborative environment
  • Seamless team collaboration
  • Highly accurate models