Revit Family Creation

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Revit Family Creation

Our Revit Family Creation BIM Services
Taking Revit family creation to a next level
What is a Revit Family?

Before knowing more about Revit family, we will first try to understand what is a family? A family is a component required to build a model. The component can be a wall, door, window, ceiling light, furniture item or anything. So, the family created in Revit software is known as Revit Family. At TDE we are creating all sorts of Revit families as per your requirement. Hire our BIM experts to create affordable and cost-effective Revit families for your projects. The Revit software already has its inbuilt families so either you can opt to use from their library or can create a custom family of your own.

There are mainly two types of family types – Parametric Revit family and Non-Parametric Revit family. A non-parametric Revit family has fixed parts and you can not modify the design easily in that wherein in Parametric Revit family each part is an individual and you can easily modify it. Parametric families help obtaining right balance between functionality and practicality. In parametric Revit families you can control objects through formulas and can easily access client products before modelling.

Why Revit family library are beneficial to AEC industry?

With the help of a parametric Revit family Architects can easily access and capture the designs. It also helps the architects maintaining coordinated building data throughout project lifecycle. Revit families has empowered the entire Architecture, engineering and construction industry. It also helps understanding cost estimation at pre-construction stage and investigating building performance.

Revit content creation is considered as one of the major building blocks of a BIM model. It has helped Architects, Engineers, Builders, Contractors, Facility Managers & Owners. It provides them a virtual representation of the building. Most of the product companies have now started using Family creation as it becomes easy for them to keep them the source files on their website and the architects can use those in their BIM models. It has reduced a lot of reworks as instead of drawing the same thing again and again they can easily place the Revit family anywhere in the model with just one click.

There are two major kinds of families based on their behaviour:
  1. The System Family – Anything built into the software can not be manipulated in the interface by the user.
  2. The Loadable (Component) Family – A loadable or Component families can be Free-standing. You can manipulate component families and can change as needed. They are completely customizable by the user.
Our BIM Revit Family Creation:
  • Architectural Revit Families creation – Door, Window, Furniture, Casework, Railings
  • Structural Revit Families creation – Steel Sections, Columns, Stiffeners
  • Mechanical Revit Families creation – HVAC, Duct, Air terminal
  • HVAC Revit Families creation
  • Firefighting Revit Families creation
  • Plumbing Revit Families creation – Pumps, Walls, Fixtures, Fittings