Façade BIM Services

Add Value to Your Exteriors with Our Façade BIM Modelling

Façade BIM Services

From last 7 years TDE is providing BIM services to façade contractors, fabricators, consultants, suppliers which in result has helped them in visualizing the building design and has helped to incorporate relevant information. At TDE we assist our clients during all stages of Façade Design starting from designing, shop drawings, manufacturing, fabrication, pricing and As-built model creation etc. We can work from LOD 300 to LOD 500 in façade BIM modeling. We mainly use Revit and Navisworks for BIM model creation. BIM models are known to be extremely useful in helping designers visualize the façade design and its complex structures helping them define all critical panel construction and interferences.

Many of the users have seen positive return in ROI by using BIM. Many of us are still underestimating the value they get from BIM. By using BIM in shop drawings users can easily identifies the issues with the designs at early stage and can resolve them before it hampers the construction. BIM has always helped the builders and contractors in saving the costs up to a certain extent. The clash coordination and detection has also played a very crucial role in AEC industry.

We cater to a wide client base including construction firms, general contractors, architects, manufacturers and product designers. Our façade modelling team has proven expertise in the creation of models for projects of all level of detailing. Due to the advancement of technology the façade models have become complex in design and structure and BIM here helps to tackle these complications at a great extent.

TDE’s Façade BIM services are:
  • Shop drawing services
  • Storefront drawing services
  • As-Built Drawing service
  • Curtain Wall detailing services
  • Fabrication Drawing services
  • Structure steel fabrication
  • Façade rendering services
  • BIM façade detailing services
  • Spider glazing detailing
  • Skylight detailing
  • Façade BOQ & Façade material Take-Off