BIM Coordination and Clash Detection

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BIM Coordination and Clash Detection

BIM Coordination Services – First of all, we need to understand what BIM coordination is. BIM coordination is a process where a clash detection software is used to determine field conflicts. The major goal of clash detection is to remove conflicts prior to installation.

Clash Detection Services – Clash coordination happens when two different models overlap or take up the same space. Clash Detection in Building Information Modeling (BIM) is to understand when this overlap or interference is happening. While working on a Revit model “Clash MEP” allows you to detect clashes while working. You don’t have to wait for the coordination process to finish you can instantly check it by using this tool. There can be two types of clashes where a soft clash can be easily removed by redoing the BIM model wherein the Hard Clash needs an expert to analyse and inspect the model.

Why BIM Coordination & Clash Detection became Important for Engineers?

After government made the use of BIM Modeling services mandatory then it gained a momentum in the AEC industry. Since then, BIM is helping Architects and Engineers in ways that they haven’t even imagined. It had made their lives easier and has reduced the errors and complications at design stage itself. BIM Modeling services has proved to be a blessing for many construction companies.

During 60’s The Architects and designers used AutoCAD to create the design drawings but it consumed a lot of time to draw in AutoCAD and even the slightest change took so much of time. As they had to go back and do the same change in all the sheets individually wherein with the BIM model if you change one parameter everything else connected with that parameter gets automatically updated.

Later in 80’s the bigger construction companies started to adopt BIM and started realizing its importance. Since then, BIM brought a wide change in digitising the AEC industry. Until government made BIM compulsory it was not very well known by many companies.

What are the benefits of BIM Coordination & Clash Detection for Engineers & Architects?
  • BIM helped in maximizing building space utilization
  • BIM consulting services
  • Reduced design error & inadequacies at early Design Stage
  • Platform for Architects, Engineers and Contractors to collaborate within the same project
  • Real-time construction scheduling
  • Improved efficiency of the Design

Our team at TDE provides cost-effective BIM services. With their knowledge of desired building codes and construction standards they are proficient in preparing accurate and almost error free BIM models.