As-Built BIM

Get the power of Data Control in Your Project with Accurate As-Build BIMs

As-Built BIM

As Built BIM Building Information Modeling Process
The Design which is drawn during the design phase is never used as it is for building there are many factors responsible for that like the site conditions, clashes, scheduling or budget constraints. Companies which use As-Built deliver faster results and works with more efficiently. BIM provides a better information management.

Why is as-built important?

As-Built saves us money. As we all know that during construction there comes many changes which cannot be very pocket friendly. So, by using As-Built you will be able to save money by minimising these errors during design phase itself. As-Built also increases collaboration and coordination between all the team members so allowing all of them to work on same design in real-time. All the team members can collaborate and comment their ideas by using BIM 360
As-Built has clearly simplified the process within an organization mainly for Architectural, Engineering and Construction industry.

Difference between As-Built and As-Designed?

As-built data records the information which you have built. It also includes inventory information, labor hours, configuration information. As-designed or as-planned data is the engineering plan by use of which product should be built. It includes planned product structure.