4D to 10D BIM Services

Our BIM Models are Information-rich and Cater Every BIM Dimension (4D - 10D)

4D to 10D BIM Services

Building Information Modeling (BIM) services has brought a revolution in AEC industry after 1980’s when government made BIM compulsory for all the projects. The different dimensions in BIM define the complexity and detailing of the BIM Model. BIM is a process of creating data rice models in a common data environment. The more accurate BIM model will be the more enhanced collaboration it will provide amongst the teams ensuring more accessibility to the project stakeholders, increasing cost-efficiency and sustainability.

What is BIM Dimension?

In construction project the BIM dimensions enhance the data stored in the model with greater level of understanding. The construction technology has evolved from 3D, 4D BIM to 10D BIM taking care of all site safety measurements. These dimensions suffice the purpose of finding out the costs, efficiency, time, accuracy, safety measures, clash detections, coordination and many more within the BIM model.

BIM Dimension – Definition & Benefits
TDE’s BIM services
  • BIM Modeling services
  • BIM consulting services
  • Production drawings and Documentation up to LOD 500 in BIM
  • BIM Coordination & Clash Detection
  • 4D BIM Monitoring & Scheduling
  • 5D BIM for Cost planning
  • 6D BIM for Sustainability
  • 7D BIM for Facility Management & Operations
  • 3D Rendering and Visualization – Product & Architecture
  • Scan (Point cloud) to BIM
  • BIM Revit Family creation
  • BIM Content creation
Advantages of BIM – An Integral part of construction & Design process

Our team at TDE provides cost-effective BIM services. With their knowledge of desired building codes and construction standards they are proficient in preparing accurate and almost error free BIM models.

  1. Efficiency – The fully detailed BIM model improves the efficiency of the project at all the stages from design to construction.
  2. Coordination – BIM provides ease in project co-ordination by bringing owners, contractors, Architects and engineers at same platform. Giving all of them the real-time access of project growth and changes.
  3. Project Management – BIM plays an important role in connecting team, workflows and data across entire project lifespan.
  4. Time savings – A BIM model has smart characteristics. It gives you total control on design co-ordination. Eliminates clashes at site and reduces rework.
  5. Cost Control – The efficiency of resolving errors at design stage itself makes builders saves money during rework on construction. Most of the companies does not realise this but BIM has a pivotal role in improving project ROI.